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Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Does high interest rate credit card debt keep you on a hamster wheel? Turn on your finances with a low interest rate debt consolidation loan from Neon Funding. Start by cutting multiple payments with multiple deadlines into one easy payment. Lower your interest rate, and cut your payments by almost 50%. Start lighting up your finances with Neon Funding.



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Colorado Springs, CO
I wasn't prepared to be a single parent. I wasn't prepared for my husband to get ill. I just wasn't prepared for any of it. We hadn't done a great job of looking to the future in our finances. We didn't have great medical coverage so much of his hospital stay was put on our credit cards. It was a mess. When he died, I was left not only to raise our two kids, but to pay off this massive medical debt. None of our stuff had been in my name so I was challenged to even get credit on my own. Neon Funding offered a caring ear, a sensible plan, and an offer that I could take part in. I don't know what I would have done without the support of Neon Funding.
Taos, NM
I moved in with my parents to help them out as they aged. I thought it would help me save some money as well. A win-win for everyone. I wasn't as disciplined as I planned and my idea of getting ahead actually put me back – all that savings burned a hole in my pocket and I racked up a ton of debt. Then, because I didn’t have great credit to start, I couldn't get any help. When the offer from Neon Funding arrived I felt so much better. I am actually almost debt free and can start really trying to save again. Thank you, Neon Funding!